The flexible and user-centric Battery Monitoring solution for Marine and RV owners

Why Choose Us?

AMBOK was created for boaters who prefer flexibility, features and low cost ! The goal of AMBOK is to give a degree of anxiety-relief in knowing that your boat batteries are OK, and so showing up to your boat and going on the water wont have any issues.  In the past I've had shore power problems,  warm products in the fridge, and worst, the beer is warm !   I also lost batteries in the past due to one battery trying to charge the other.  I went about getting a solution that could make my boat Smart and just alert me when there is a problem.  Something simple, but effective. Then I could get there, or get the dock Master / Harbour Master to check out the boat.  This way, having the AMBOK gave me confidence over the winter that "batteries are ok!" on the boat, so I didnt have to get down there in the cold as often.  AMBOK wont "fix" your batteries, but it will give you confidence that "someone" is on the job, monitoring them, and will call (text) if there is an issue.  And, if you want to just "check on things", you can text it for status, location, configuration and things, at any time !




Boater and Creator

AMBOK is a small company, located in Oakville, out of our home and we own a boat.  We make the devices in low quantity and make them as flexible and configurable remotely as possible.  As well, we have some contacts with qualified installers who can do the work to get AMBOK up and running on your boat !   From order, it would only take us a few days to make one if we dont have one in stock.  If you have ANY questions, please email at and I'll get right back to you. 


Q: What Cellular providers does AMBOK support?

A: AMBOK comes pre-installed with a Global SIM that provides connections on 2G/3G in North America.  You can also use a SIM from local carriers.  It needs to support SMS (texts) and to save costs it should be unlimited. 

Q: What installation requirements are there?

A: The boat should have common ground and be bonded. 2 battery connections and one ground are available on an external barrier strip. The unit should be mounted somewhere that the cellular connection can easily be made.   One battery connection is required.  The second one is optional. 

Q: What comes with it?

A: Its pre-tested, with a SIM, pre-installed and active. "Boating Mode" as default, with blank Customer Cell and DockMaster Cell numbers(updated at install) with latest revision of software. If you purchase your own SIM, then it will need to be installed onsite.  Email me about this. 

Q: Warranty?

A: One year from activation. If it needs replacing, I'll send another out. I cant warrant that the cellular companies still maintain 2G or 3G. That would be a bad day if they didnt. In that case, there may be a cost to upgrade to LTE or another standard to keep the AMBOK in action. Email me with any questions.  Rogers is phasing out 2G in 2021, but from what I've seen, only 3G has been connected in use.  So, no worries. 

Q: Monthly / Ongoing costs ?

A: There are monthly costs for the cellular connection and outgoing Texts. Standby fee is $4.50cad a month (just to have the right to send a text) and texts are about $0.25 each(all plus HST). You would expect no texts FROM the AMBOK unless there was a problem. Texts TO the AMBOK are free, but the texts BACK cost. To make life easy for us all, requests for payments for data will be made once a month. (All this money goes to the cellular carrier(s).)

Q: Other Boat inputs ?

A: There are future plans looking at - OTA (over the air) updates (future), Additional inputs or controls (bilge level, pumps, shore power detection...), Battery State Of Charge, NMEA2000 (CAN)connection to instrumentation, Cloud for data logging, status, configurations and more. Email me with inputs !

Q: How accurate is the "GPS" ?

A: The main processor used in the AMBOK is cellular based which is used to generate GPS locations based on cell tower  triangulation.  An option exists (extra cost) to have a GPS unit add-on for geolocation and more accurate GPS. If that is used, not only will AMBOK show your location, it will be down to the accuracy of the SLIP number ! Email me !